The Money Lessons You Didn’t Learn in High School

The Money Lessons You Didn't Learn in High School

The Money Lessons You Didn’t Learn in High School We all learned some things in high school, huh? Most of us were there for 4 years, and most of us graduated with a nice balance of social lessons, literary metaphors, and science labs. However, real life lessons aren’t always written in the curriculum… especially when […]

4 Financial Tips for 2022

4 Financial Tips for 2022

4 Financial Tips for 2022 Many people set lofty goals every December in the hopes of drastically changing areas of their lives. The reason so many resolutions fall short is that changes must happen over time, with attainable steps. When it comes to your financial goals, there is no way to get rich overnight as […]

How to Master the Art of Debt Free Living

how to master the art of living debt free

Tips for How to Become Debt Free Being, becoming, *and* staying financially healthy can be a tough process — especially when you’re young and getting started. Plus, we live in a world where debt seems to be a part of living in itself. In fact, the Experian 2020 State of Credit report shows that the average […]

Financial Industry Expo Draws International Influencers and Banking Giants


During the 2017 Financial Services Expo held at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, TX, board co-chairs of The Council for Inclusion in Financial Services (CIFS), Cheryl Travis-Johnson and Marques Woods, assembled dozens of marquee-level speakers and international influencers to address the community’s and industry’s most pressing needs. From making the business case for diversity […]

The Characteristics of Inclusive Leaders


Open, unique, valued, team-oriented, transparent, everyone, inviting and belonging. These are the words people use when asked to express their understanding of inclusive leadership. They also portray how employees feel in an environment where diversity isn’t just invited, but is ignited, to realize better results. What distinguishes inclusive leaders from others is that they take deliberate, explicit action to leverage the abilities, perspectives, styles […]