CIFS Presents New FinServ Now! Webinar Series Featuring Notable Financial Services Leaders

CIFS Presents New FinServ Now! Webinar Series Featuring Notable Financial Services Leaders

Hosted by Zakiya Larry, the series gives businesses an edge as they adapt to a ‘new normal’.

[DALLAS, TEXAS] — A new initiative by The Council for Inclusion in Financial Services (CIFS) is helping businesses navigate uncertain financial futures in the wake of a national health crisis. In an economy hit hard by Covid-19, CIFS’ FinServ Now! webinar series will feature key financial strategy discussions with experts who understand the unique challenges left behind by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Attendees will experience live interviews and opportunities to interact with influential leaders from banking, real estate, insurance, wealth management and other professional fields. Hosted by Zakiya Larry, Elevation Strategist and Founder of Quest Media Training, the FinServ Now! webinar series is a candid chance to hear directly from the industry’s brightest minds.

The interview series will be released monthly to subscribers only. A membership to CIFS also includes several other benefits like access to members-only events, discounted pricing for the National FinServ Expo, and free access to all webinar series and educational content. Members also benefit from the opportunity to work together to develop and cultivate innovative business ideas that address challenges in today’s financial services industry.

CIFS’ industry professionals are dedicated to working collaboratively to promote diversity and a more inclusive workforce — so those using financial products and services have a seat at the decision table regarding the financial tools they use. Members of The Council for Inclusion in Financial Services lead educational programs focused on promoting financial literacy to help consumers understand financial services.

Based in Dallas, Texas, the Council for Inclusion in Financial Services is an advocate for the value of diversity and inclusion. CIFS’ mission is to increase awareness of the social and economic benefits of multiculturalism within the financial services industry, while also launching initiatives that promote financial literacy to help all Americans understand how to grow their personal wealth. CIFS helps industries create a more inclusive workforce, providing equal access to business opportunities and improving community well-being. For more information on The Council for Inclusion in Financial Services, visit

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