Rajiv Roy

Investor/Entrepreneur, Scout Hill Investments

– Work with CEO on acquisitions – due-diligence, laying out strategy for M&A.
– Worked on acquisition process of Azores .
– Initiated, led process, negotiated and completed the acquisition of Tamar Technology, Nanophotonics GMBH, and Adventa Control Technologies
– Performed due diligence and developed integration plan for Applied Precision and RVSI asset acquisitions by Rudolph.
– Executing acquisition integration – General Manager of ex-RVSI office in New York, integrating personnel into Rudolph, disposing of non-strategic assets.
– Responsibility for all of back-end marketing for Rudolph including ~$80m product lines.

Specialties: – Semiconductor Back-end, Semiconductor Equipment, Acquisition strategy and New Business Development and Marketing, Machine Vision, Product Development and Management, Fundamental Investing