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FinServ Expo 2021: Sessions On-Demand

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Leverage the Industry to Build Your Network, Create Wealth and Experience Freedom with Dr. David Phelps

Flexibility and creativity are essential for real estate professionals, especially now. Hear how the industry is being leveraged to build networks, wealth, and ultimately, freedom.


Diversity 2.0
with Dr. James Pogue

Learn more about Navigating Diversity Inclusion and Bias (DIBs) at Work and Home with Dr. James Pogue of JP Enterprises in this on-demand session from the 2021 Finserv Expo.

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The Experience Economy
with Dr. Betty Moon

With a rise in fintech disruptors and a growing shift in customer and employee expectations, the need for innovation in the financial services industry is clear. Every organization, from multinational retail banks to credit unions to insurance firms, is evaluating how best to enhance their digital and analytic capabilities to meet new challenges. In this session, Dr. Betty Moon will share five key strategies to help your company thrive in the new experience economy.

Key Note Presentation From
Eric 'ET' Thomas

View our keynote speaker Eric ‘ET’ Thomas!

Exit Strategy
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Exit Strategy: Planning and Preparing for Post-Pandemic Success

From file-specific legal strategy to legal technology and national legal outsourcing, hear from these industry-leading panelists as they discuss the volume increases they’re planning for, how they’re preparing for additional capacity and complexity demands, and what post-pandemic success means to their firms, vendors, and clients. This wide-ranging, forward-looking conversation will cover the anticipated end of foreclosure and eviction moratoria, the cornerstones of post-pandemic planning, and will include take-aways from law firms handling increased file volumes, technology partners supporting file flow and operational efficiencies, and national service providers who will all play an integral role in the industry’s return to normalized operations and market conditions.

Future Ready Procurement

From sourcing and development to related technology and supplier diversity, hear from industry-leading panelists as they discuss what pivots are needed by corporations and vendors to ensure future readiness. With an increasing reliance on third parties within the financial services industry, the role of vendor management and procurement will continue to gain value and significance within organizations that prioritize quality of performance and mitigation of risk. This well-balanced conversation will include insight into the expectations and strategic initiatives being utilized to attract and retain high-performing service providers.

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Project for the Innocent

Learn How to Change The World One Person At a Time with Professor Laurie Levenson.

The Project for the Innocent fields claims from petitioners who allege that they have been wrongfully convicted. It is part of the Alarcón Advocacy Center. Since its inception, project students have received hundreds of letters from inmates across the nation. 

Preparing For The Post-Pandemic World with Rick Sharga

What happens to the housing market and the mortgage industry when the government foreclosure moratorium and forbearance program expire, and the country begins to adjust to life after COVID-19? Are we heading for another housing bubble, or foreclosure crisis 2.0?

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Women's C-Suite Panel

Tips on overcoming gender challenges in securing a C-Suite role.
– Dr. Cheryl Travis-Johnson (VRM Mortgage Services)
– Patty Arvielo (New American Funding)
– Cindy Nasser (PCV Murcor)
– Christy Bunce (New American Funding)

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