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Dallas, TX (June 15, 2021) —The 2021 FinServ Expo aims to virtually equip professionals in the financial services industry — from housing and insurance to banking and wealth management, to immediately implement tools for measurable shifts in an industry, and covid-recovery environment, that demands agility. “Recovery is on the horizon, economically and interpersonally,” says Cheryl Travis-Johnson, board co-chair for CIFS “Now is the best time for leaders in an industry that anchors our country, to learn
As a young person who KNOWS that financial health is important, it’s still tricky to understand what you need to do — and when. After all, there are so many differing opinions and facts all across the internet (and from the people you know), which makes it confusing and hard to know what you should actually be focusing on. All in all, it’s really more simple than you might make it. The best things you can
By now you probably know that credit scores are a pretty big deal. By being able to measure your so-called creditworthiness, lenders use your credit scores to determine everything from your interest rates to your credit limits to your approval ratings — and understanding what goes into credit scores themselves is key to building credit the right way. Credit scores are calculated using a pretty complicated algorithm that takes five big things (and lots of
Boost Your Credit Score in 2021 with These 5 Tips It’s no secret that credit scores are important, but it’s also no secret that the methods behind them can be super confusing to understand. Since having good — or bad — credit can affect many of the moving parts in your life, there will probably be a time when you think about methods for boosting your own. However, how the heck are you supposed to do it?
Tips to Better Manage Your Finances When it comes to financial services, confusion has long since been a big part of the puzzle. For years, the idea of finances, investments, and making great money decisions often seemed limited to one specific group of people — the so-called elite. These days, that’s not the case. After years of making finances difficult for most people involved, the millennial generation is now starting to see money through the lens