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“Diversely Speaking” takes diversity and inclusion to the next level with thought leadership, industry activities and educational content. Written for professionals that believe in encouraging diversity – we’ll cover diversity and inclusion insights that deliver value to your business and career.

More women of color are entering the workforce than ever before, bringing ambition, education, and diverse experiences and ideas with them. As a result, these women offer organizations a powerful force of innovation and insight that will be increasingly needed to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. However, despite the value that women of color represent for businesses, they’re rarely given leadership positions, not to mention roles in the C-suite. Currently, there are
Open, unique, valued, team-oriented, transparent, everyone, inviting and belonging. These are the words people use when asked to express their understanding of inclusive leadership. They also portray how employees feel in an environment where diversity isn’t just invited, but is ignited, to realize better results. What distinguishes inclusive leaders from others is that they take deliberate, explicit action to leverage the abilities, perspectives, styles and ideas of each individual for the success of the organization and its people. Inclusive leaders routinely and purposefully tap
Description: The rise of automation is on a path to reshape the future workplace.  Attend this webinar to learn more about the Emma Coalition and how TIDE (Technology-induced displacement of employees) will affect the future workforce.  The webinar is hosted by the Council For Inclusion in Financial Services and presented by James Paretti, Shareholder with Littler Mendelson P.C. View Webinar Powered by: Check out other courses at vrmuniversity.com/enroll Other Posts You May Be Interested In:
In 2019 over two-thirds of employees reported having financial stress. Employee Financial Wellness Programs describe an array of benefits programs that try to help employees improve their financial health, thus reducing their financial stress. In this webinar, we will describe what kinds of Employee Financial Wellness programs are out there and go over original research on how these programs are working. (No sales pitch, just information and recent research regarding about employee financial wellness.  This
For smaller brands, it’s okay to have a very focused marketing persona, but as brands grow, marketing needs to evolve to appeal to the full range of customers you want to attract. A shallow message yields poor results and can have other negative side effects — for example: Changing to a more diverse approach to marketing can be difficult. Moreover, not doing so, especially when your competition is, can be even more difficult to explain.
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