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“Diversely Speaking” takes diversity and inclusion to the next level with thought leadership, industry activities and educational content. Written for professionals that believe in encouraging diversity – we’ll cover diversity and inclusion insights that deliver value to your business and career.

For smaller brands, it’s okay to have a very focused marketing persona, but as brands grow, marketing needs to evolve to appeal to the full range of customers you want to attract. A shallow message yields poor results and can have other negative side effects — for example: Changing to a more diverse approach to marketing can be difficult. Moreover, not doing so, especially when your competition is, can be even more difficult to explain.
It’s a known fact that diverse teams work better together. But despite the clear consensus on the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace,  many organizations and their employees struggle to successfully address and navigate this sensitive subject. Diversity and inclusion initiatives should be more than just meeting a quota; they need to promote belonging, prioritize inclusion, and encourage an environment of better work. All diversity and inclusion initiatives directly impact the bottom line.
In 2020, diversity, equity, and inclusion remain top of mind for human resource departments and research and development professionals. Organizational leaders outside of HR are more frequently focusing on diversity and inclusion, both as a core principle of the workplace culture and as a vital business advantage. The reputation of the workplace as a learning and working community for a more diverse workforce has made all of us more attuned to the need for continued
Diversity and inclusion includes a company’s mission, purpose and practices to support a diverse workplace and leverage the effects of diversity to achieve a competitive business advantage. Workplace diversity has become one of the biggest challenges and top priorities for recruiters and other human resource departments. What is the Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion? In order to set up clear diversity and inclusion strategies, it is critical for companies to understand the main difference between
From the City of Irving, TX: The Council for Inclusion in Financial Services presented the Third Annual FinServ Expo at the Irving Convention Center. The event’s goal is to help the financial services industry attract, retain and sustain an inclusive workforce, increase access to small businesses, promote transformative technology initiatives and educate the public about financial processes, products and services.
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